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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's day song and its translation in English by Rajiv Chakravarti

Mother is the ultimate definition of selflessness! No matter what happens to the world or even her, she is there for you in your need; she recognizes your need much before you know it.  Of course every day is Mother’s day, and each one of us honors her in a variety of ways. From simple caring to doing things for her that makes her most happy. Mothers don't need a whole lot; they just need to know that you care.  Remember you were showered by her attention when you needed it? 

Every religious tradition has elevated mother to nearly the status of God, because she possess many a qualities of God; kind, merciful, beneficent and caring among thousand other qualities.  Mother is the reason for our existence; sustenance, nurturence and shaping who we are. I dedicate this write-up to my Mother, and all the Mothers out there. 
 There is a beautiful song in Urdu/Hindi language

Us ko nahin dekha hum ne kabhi, per us ki zaroorat kya hogi
Ai maa teri soorat say alag bhagwan ki soorat kya hogi.

I have not seen him (God) ever, but what is the need for it?
Dear Mother, your face cannot be different than God’s own face

Here is the song -

My friend Rajiv Chakravarti, a Urdu Poet of Dallas has translated it beautifully:

We have never seen HIM...,
but what is the need for this?
O Mother, O Mother, how different
can HIS face be from your own?

Why talk of mere humans, even Gods
have grown up in your bosom
Heaven is nowhere but on Earth,
right under the shadow of your feet!
The affection that emanates from your eyes,
Which Idol can take its place?
O Mother ...

Why would the heat of suffering burn me?
Why would storms of sorrow affect me?
These hands which raise to prayer of yours
Come and rest permanently on my head
When you are my guide in the dark roads of life,
What would I even need the Sun for?
O Mother ...

It is said that no words suffice
to describe your greatness
Even God does not have enough wealth
that constitutes your price
All I know is that, in this World
There is no fortune that exceeds YOU!
O Mother ...


I called my mother, " Amma" and at times "Ammi" while addressing her it was Ma.

Languages Spoken in South Asia

Arabic - umm
Assamese - Aayi, mA, mAtri  Aayi, mA,
Baluchi - Ma
Bengali -
Mata or jononi,
Bhojpuri – Mayee
English- Mother, Mama, Mom
French- Mère, Maman
German - Mutter
Gujurati - Ma
Hindi - Ma, Maji, Mata
Kannada -Amma
Konkani - Amma
Kashmiri - Muoj
Latin - Mater
Marathi - Aayi
Malyalam – Amma
Nepali -
Oriya – Bou
Pashtu- Mor
Persian- Madr, Maman
Portugese- Mae
Punjabi - Mai, Mataji, Pabo
Sanskrit - Mata
Sindhi –
Sinhalese- Amma

Tamil - Amma
Telegu- Amma
Urdu -Ammee, Maa, Amma

There are more languages out there… and listed in the Huffington post aricle at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse/mothers-day-interfaith-ce_b_7233900.html 

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