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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Urdu wala Chashma by Nupur Sharma

Dear Urdu-Hindi friends of DFW & DMV
Adaab, Salaam, Namaste, Satsriakal, and Jai Jinendra!
I have always appreciated the services of Anita Singhal, Nishi Bhatia and Dr. Amer Suleman in promoting Hindi and Urdu languages respectively.
I am pleased to share the following video clip from Nupur Sharma, enjoy it.
This edition is a treasure and should be a part of history, I like the way Nupur presented six theories and suggested to keep your mind open until a thoos suboot springs up for one or the other. The Multan theory is new to me.
Of course, Gulzaar Saheb is Gulzar of the Urdu poetry, but Atif Tauqeer's nazm was incredible. It resonates with my effort in writing similar poetry. Every sher is amazing - and this one stuck to me.
"Sab ka Gunah ek sahi, sab ka mufad ek hai." I will borrow this for my writings about Pluralism. Essence is same rituals are different.
Nadir Durrani has written similar thoughts.
Enjoy this video by Nupur Sharma - https://www.facebook.com/TheWireUrdu/videos/2008571839396075/

I am glad she expressed similar thoughts that Urdu and Hindi is the same language in two different scripts. Let both languages grow and reintegrate. Urdu dictionary literally includes most of the Hindi words and vice-versa. One should be proud to know both languages well, and more languages the better.

Mike Ghouse