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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Poetry on communal Harmony

 The following is a selection of ash’aar all sensitively calling for communal harmony.


firqa-bandi hai kahiN aur kahiN zaateN haiN

kya zamane meN panapne ki yahi baateN hai

 In some places we are divided into (religious) communities, in others into castes. Is this the way to survive in this world.


ummat ko chhaaNT Daala, kaafir bana kar

Islam hai faqiho, mamnuN bahut tumhaara

. You have divided up the community by pronouncing this or that as un-Islamic. Islam is greatly indebted to you O jurist.


parda-e dair o haram ab to miTa de yaa rabb

ho chuka jitna tamasha vo tamasha hai bahut

O lord, at least now erase the curtain/division between temple and mosque. Whatever mischief we have had, is more than enough!

Eeshvar kahiye use chaahe Khuda kahiye magar

vo MusalmaaN ki tarah hai na vo Hindu ki tarah

Call him Ishwar or Khuda, if you please, but he is neither Muslim nor Hindu.


momin na toR rishta-e zunnar-e barahman

mat kar vo baat jis se koii dil shikasta ho 

momin (pious man) do not cut the thread of relationship with the brahman (used to mean Hindu, not in the casteist sense). Do not do anything that will break hearts.


balaa-e jaaN haiN ye tasbeeh aur zunnaar ke phande

dil-e haq-biiN ko hum is qaid se aazad karte haiN

The heart can see the truth (of love/faith) but the noose fashioned by the tasbih and the janev has imprisoned it. We are going to free the heart of this curse.

azaaN dete haiN but-Khaane meN jaa kar shaan-e momin se

haram ke naara-e naaqoos hum eejad karte 

Chakbast declares that he/they (the broad minded) will intermingle the rites of the mandir and the masjid. We issue a (Islamic) call for prayer from the temple with the dignity/composure of the muezzin. We invent conch shell sounds for the mosque.


kaabe meN jaa raha to na do ta’ana kya kaheN

bhoola huN haqq-e sohbat-e ahl-e kunisht ko 

Ghalib rhetorically declares that he has not forgotten the rights/demands of his Hindu friends. Just because he has gone to the kaaba do not think that I have forgotten them. Of course, Ghalib himself was far from religious and never went to the kaaba.


basti meN apni hindu musalmaaN jo bas gaye

insaaN ki shakl dekhne ko hum taras gaye

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