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Friday, November 22, 2013

Dr. Taj Hashmi

Urdu Musha'era/ Hindi Kavi Sammelan
On the theme of Pluralism on June 29, 2013
Richardson, Civic Center
Poet: Taj Hashmi

Khuda Ka Ghar

Woh masjid meiN sunta hai, mandir meiN nahiN
GirjoN meiN rahta hai, synagoge ya gurdwaroN meiN nahiN

He only listens to you in the mosque, not in the temple
He lives in the church, never in the synagogue or gurdwara (Sikh temple) at all

ArsoN se sunta aya hoon, ehi baat apne buzorgoN sey
Hamara rasta hi jannat ka rasta, sewae iske aur koi nahiN

I have been hearing this from my elders, for ages
Only a Muslim is entitled to the paradise, never anyone else

Apne ghar ke rastey? – woh to kai haiN, har ek ko  jaanta hooN achhi tarah
Sarak ek hi jati hai Ghar-e-Khuda ko, main to yeh manta nahiN

I know all the roads and lanes to my house
How absurd, only one road goes to God’s place!

Sab ke chhatoN par aur kehtoN meiN pani barsata hai Khuda
Woh to yeh nahiN poochhta, “Tu ne mujhey aaj  yaad kiya hai ya nahiN”?

When He showers rain, it happens on every rooftop, no garden is out of its way
God never asks the silly question: “Did you remember me today?”

Hadd hai, manne waloN ko bhi pani milta hai, shifa dilata hai woh har ek mareez  ko
Bhuk to imaan waloN ko bhi lagti hai, bhookey sirf be-imaan hi  nahiN marte

Is it too much, believers get water and non-believers get cured too?
Believers also get hungry, not only non-believers die without food

Muhabbat o gham, sardi o garmi, firqat o wisal haiN sab ke liye
Nasal o rang, dharam o mazhab, qaumiyat ka sawal Khuda to poochhta nahiN

Love and sorrow, winter and summer, separation and union are there for all
Race, colour, creed and sect, nationality of yours God’s never asks at all

Tum kaun hotey ho poochhne waley, “bata tera dharam kiya hai, tu kala hai ya gora”?
Tum to na waqif nikley, Ghalib kahte haiN yeh andaaz-e-guftugu achha nahiN

Who are you to ask me: “Tell me what is your religion, are you Black or White?”
You are ignorant but Ghalib knew, this is an indecent way of talking to someone

Mahanga hai woh phal, nafrat se jise ugate ho tum, khud apne angan meiN
MuhabbateiN, qarar, etbaar o hibb-e-insani, maa ka pyar kabhi bhi nayyab nahiN

That fruit is beyond your reach, what you grow in your backyard with hate
Love, peace, faith, love for humanity, mother’s affection are not difficult to get

Nayyab to haiN woh log jo masjidoN mein bhi milte haiN
GirjoN, butkhanoN aur gurdwaroN mey bhi

It is difficult indeed! Seeing the same people visiting the mosque
Church, temple and gurdwara as well

KiuN na Khuda miley girja, synagogue ya mandir ki dahlij meiN?
Sirf mullah nahiN, padri o panditji, guruji bhi to sach kahte hongey?

Why can’t I get God in the church, synagogue or temple?
Only the mullah is right, the father, the pundit or the guru can be right as well!

Khuda nahiN khudai, dharam nahiN dharam ko farokht karte haiN jo loge
Aag lagate hain ghar-ghar, baghoN mein, masjidoN, GirjoN butkhanoN meiN

Not God but His creation, not religion but those who sell it
They are the ones who set fire to houses, gardens, mosques, churches and temples too

Pareshaan hooN, Pasheman hoon, jheNp sa gaya hooN, meri to koyi sunta nahiN
Khudai ek ho aur Khuda ho sabke apne apne, yeh baat to Taj mere palle ki nahiN

Perturbing it is indeed shameful! I am very embarrassed; no one listens to me any more
I don’t get it Taj, only one universe but so many Gods for everyone!

Zamin o asmanoN meiN ho Khuda, kahkashoN se dur, ragistanoN mein woh rahta hai
Phir Khana-e-Khuda pe yeh bahas kaisa, jhagre ki  jarr  se main waqif  nahiN

God is there on earth and heavens, in the deserts beyond the Milky Way
What is this debate about the House of God, I don’t see the root cause, anyway

Clarksville, Tennessee, 11th June, 2013

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