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Friday, November 22, 2013

Hillol Ray and Mike Ghouse

Urdu Musha'era/ Hindi Kavi Sammelan
On the theme of Pluralism on June 29, 2013
Richardson, Civic Center

Pluralism: A Sublime Attitude
By Hillol Ray & Mike Ghouse

By virtue of birth, we are all members of the human race,
And welcome or denounce many issues, to show off our own choice-
From the dawn of civilization of “stone-age” till today,
Examples are numerous, with a vibrant and dynamic voice!
The Bhagvad Gita calls the whole world is one family,
And each of us has a role to play to achieve the life’s mission-
While the Quran tells - we originated from the same couple,
And need to build the world community with an optimistic vision!

Jesus embraces the whole humanity, and Nanak calls for service,

While Mahavir believes in multiple views of the truth for sure-
And such thoughts of paradigms, along with political pluralism,
 Boggle our minds, days and nights, for humanity to endure!
The strength of any nation and the world community,

After all, comes from removing the salient barriers between us-

To allow us to live and let live; with least conflict among ourselves,

Followed by the nurture of goodwill and cohesiveness without any fuss!
An attitude of respecting the otherness of others, we need to develop,
And accept the uniqueness of each other in a conceivable way-

While we must accommodate the various culture, religion, ethnicity,

And language for expressions, to prevent human foundation not to sway!
Of the God given life, we must create a society, free from tension, discomfort, intolerance, or fear from anyone-
And induce a society with elements of life, stemming from oneness,
And work, play, sing, and dance together, in merriment or fun!

Remember, no country is immune from the costs of moral injuries,

Inflicted by the latent prejudice or intolerance at all-

And we need to invigorate the future plans of actions, and

Stand ready to serve ourselves at the beck and call!
Well, as a cheerleader for the promotion of universal
And inalienable rights of individuals, I must confess-
About the crying need for laying the platform to speak,
To act, to grow, to live and let live, and nothing less!

So, let’s continue to seek cooperation instead of confrontation,
And acceptance instead of apprehension, to embolden the rays of light-
And consolidate the efforts of pluralism, to observe the prospects
Of cohesiveness and oneness of humanity, to dance in our mental sight!!

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