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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Urdu Hindi Pluralism poetry session on June 29, 2013 - Summary Report

Urdu Hindi Pluralism poetry session on June 29, 2013 - Summary Report  and Pictures.

URL - http://urduhindimushaeraonpluralism.blogspot.com/2013/11/urdu-hindi-pluralism-poetry-session-on.html

Urdu-Hindi Musha’era is a purposeful event to build cohesive societies.  Indeed, it is our individual and collective responsibility to create societies where no one has to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of the other.

We appreciate you, the donors, individuals, volunteers and poets  for your  support in seeding the idea of pluralism in Urdu/Hindi languages at this time . This is one small step in our approach to life through the medium of poetry, and hopefully it will be a giant leap for the Urdu/Hindi speaking mankind in bringing about a positive change.

Poetry is a major part of Urdu/Hindi speaking population in India and Pakistan and touches every one through songs, Mushaeras and Kavi Sammelans. We can become propellers of the change and plant the seeds that will become trees and bear fruit and shade in a generation or two.

Urdu-Hindi is the most commonly understood language among the Desis in the world, who form nearly 5th of the world population, and as individuals, many of us feel a sense of duty to serve our people, hence this program.

A total of 25 items will be presented in the session, and the overlap of poetry on the themes is natural, as it is the first time such a focus is given, but it will be spiced up with powerful anecdotes to make the whole program purposeful and meaningful.

Event sequence and a few pictures:

When: Saturday, June 29
Time: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Theme: Pluralism
Where: Richardson Civic Center
Address: 411 W. Arapaho Road,
City: Richardson, TX 75080


Panel introduction

Dr. Qaiser Abbas -Chair
Dr. Raghunath Singh
Ms. Shabnam Modgil

Organizer - MC
Mike Ghouse

Organizing team

A G Chini, 

Amin Tirmizi, 
Anand Punjabi, 
Dr. Harbans Lal, 
Irfan Ali, 
Javed Gill, 
Noor Amrohvi


Dr. Basheer Ahmed
Shri DD Maini 

Anand Punjabi
Farooq Wazir Ali
Irfan Ali 

Javed Rashid 
Javed Samuell Gill
Mani Rahman  
Mike Ghouse 

Dr. Qaiser Abbas 
Dr. Shamsa Qureshi


$2,500.00 Planned
$1,900.00 Collected
$0,600.00 Not collected
$1,600.00 Spent
$0,300.00 Surplus for Next Mushaera
* Book was not published 


Live broadcaster: FunAsia
Photographer: Zia Khan
Filmmaker:  Vijay Gurow
Registration – Dr. Kundawala
Tea/Snacks – Anand Punjabi and friends
Snacks - Fun Asia


Our friends will share about Pluralism and recite the poetry written by famous poets around the world on Pluralism

Dr. Amer Suleman - Defining Pluralism in Urdu
Anand Punjabi - Defining Pluralism in Hindi
AG Chini -  Bollywood Pluralism

Shri D. D. Maini - Opening with Nazir Akbar Abadi's couplets
Dr. Harbans Lal - Poem by Dr. Teja Singh
Fateh Ali Chetur - Poem by Ashok Chakradhar
Dr. Raj Kumar - Poetry by Dr. B. D. Kalia Humdum
Kundan Sharma - Dilip Kumar- Raj Sharma story

Reciting their own poetry:

Anad Punjabi 
Ahmed Rahi  
Dr. Harbans Lal
Javed Rashid
Javed Samuell Gill
Dr. Shamsa Qureshi
Rehmat Raza
Shah Alam Siddiqi
Zohra Chisti
Mike Ghouse


D. D. Maini
Dr. Basheer Ahmed
Dr. Raghunath Singh

Acknowledged their poetry
Dr. Ravi Kumar Rosho - India
Dr. Taj Hashmi - Tennessee
Hillol Ray

Senior Poets (not in age, but in poetry)
Naheed Shad
Noor Amrohvi
Saeed Qureshi
Tariq Hashemi
Younus Ijaz

Panelist Remarks
Shabnam Modgil
Dr. Qaiser Abbas - Sadr-e-Mehfil

Mike Ghouse - take home message 
Conflict mitigation

Gift of Language v horns and fangs
Foundation for Pluralism





Dr. Qaiser Abbas
Dr. Amer Suleman
Urdu Poet Tariq Hashemi
Hindi Teacher Anand Punjabi
Hindi Radio Programmer A. G. Chini

Kundan Sharma - Radio Programmer

Urdu Poet Dr. Harbans Lal
Urdu Poet: Dr. Shamsa Qureshi
Hindi Poet Fateh Ali Chetur
Urdu Poet Dr. Raj Kumar
Urdu Poet Ahmed Rahi
Urdu Poet Shah Alam
Hindi Poet Javed Rasheed
Urdu Poet - Javed Gill
Hindi/ Urdu Poet - Zohra Chisti
Organizer -Mike Ghouse
Urdu Paristar - Shri D D Maini
Hindi/Urdu writer Dr. Raghu Nath Sing
Urdu Poet - Noor Amrohvi
                                                        UrduPoet - Rahmat Reza

Urdu Poet - Nahid Shad
Urdu Poet - Saeed Qureshi

Urdu Poet - Younuz Ijaz

                                        Hindi/Urdu Radio Broadcaster Shabnam Modgil

Acknowledgement of pioneers (Desi Alphabetical-Duplication in category removed)

Amina Ismail, Arvind Singh, Baba Fazlur Rahman, Irfan Ali,  Jasbeer Kaur, Jyothi Mallick, Manju Bansal, Majeed Jaami, Najma Ghouse, Nandlal Singh, Nishi Bhatia, Qamar Naqvi,  Sarwar Alam Raz,  Shoket Qadri, Syed Ilyas and …

Urdu Hindi Poets of Dallas (Desi Alphabetical)

Dr. Amanullah Khan, Amer Suleman, Amin Tirmazi, Anand Punjabi, Ahmed Rahi, Dr. Harbans Lal,  Iqbal Hyder, Javed Rasheed,   Karamat Gardezi, Masooq Qazi, Nadir Durrani, Naheed Shad,  Noor Amrohvi,  Owais Nasir, Qaisar Abbas, Qutub Ali,  Rajiv Chakarvarthi, Rehmat Raza, Saeed Qureshi, Shah Alam Siddiqi, Tariq Hashmi, Yunus Ejaz, Zohra Chisti, 

Urdu Hindi Radio Personalities
(Desi Alphabetical)

Aamir Askari, Aditiya Singh, Ambreen Hasnat, AG Chini,  Asha Ram, Anjum Anwar, Azad,  Farrukh Hamid,  John Hammond,  Kundan Sharma, Mike Ghouse, Monicca Kolluri, Pervaz Malik, Rehan Siddiqi,  Rekha Gajaria, Samson Masih,  Sandhya Sarma, Seema Malik,  Shabnam Modgil, Sharriq Hamid, Shazia Khan, Syed Talib, Tamim Shipchandler

An effort was made to make the list comprehensive and complete, we placed the names we knew and recommended.

Some day, we will publish the poetry of all the poets.... time and funds permitting. 


Saturday, March 29, 2014
Managed by: Saeed Qureshi Saheb and Younus Ijaz Saheb


Thank you
Mike Ghouse, President
Foundation for Pluralism

Studies in Religious Pluralism and Pluralistic societies
2665 Villa Creek Dr, suite 206, Dallas, TX 75234
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If we can learn to respect the otherness of others, and accept the God-given uniqueness of each one of us, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge. Pluralism is respecting the otherness of others.

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